No Bobcat support at this time. Also base on certain time of day or day of the month generate other X Code. Remote Central reserves the right to remove or modify any post that is deemed inappropriate. IO and Variables can be triggered in HomeSeer events with device value triggers. Please read the following: OP Post 3 made on Thursday October 28, at

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Applied Digital ADICON 2500 SECU-16IR IR I/O Module (SECU-16IR)

I have them in stock and have a good deal of experience with it. You would also need a B. OP Post 9 made on Tuesday November 2, at Yes if can but I think you need a [Link: Can the adicon use probes like homelinc to act as discretes for equipment that doesn’t have discretes.

Post 1 made on Wednesday October 27, at Michael Historic Forum Post.

ADICON Expansion Modules

No Bobcat support at this time. Variables can be set from Device Management page, event actions, and scripting. Warren Ceppos Historic Forum Post. The Adicon is a stand alone processor so no computer is needed to run it.

We have several HS2 installs using Ocelots mostly for IO and were in need to provide an upgrade path for our customers without forcing them to change out their hardware. Even though IR output is not needed, it would be a nice feature.

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Applied Digital

I need the unit to be able to interact with a PC for programming but the unit then needs to run by itself after that. Unsolicited commercial advertisements are absolutely not permitted on this forum.

I realize the Adicom can control more devices, more IR codes, and macros, but what else makes it better? Your not even in the same world as the IR with it! Ocelot Plug-In for HS3.

Thanks Chris for the info, I am still reading up on it. OP Post 7 made on Monday November 1, at adicn February 28th, For the price, this is one bad dude!

Chris, Can you tell me what I would need to buy if I wanted to get the adicon to just control X10 modules. OP Post 3 made on Thursday October 28, adion A couple months ago, when I starting working on this plug-in, it appeared that interest in an Ocelot plug-in was dead. You may want to look at the Houselinc from Smartlinc I think this is what you are 200 too.

If anyone is interested I can provide a link to the description it has screen shots. You would still need a IR with the Houselinc. Also, will this replicate the functionality of the ActiveHome software or just augment it? Also is there a touch panel for Houselinc. It would replicate the some of the functions of the ActiveHome software but also add some functions that you can’t do.


We have been doing high end home automation installations in Florida Tampa 22500 and in Upstate NY Rochester area since Since I own a Pronto remote I am planning to setup the Pronto as the main controller. I have been looking ad Adicon which seems to work, HouseLinc that you mentioned, but what about adicln CK11A will it work. OP Post 2 made on 25500 October 27, at I would like to be able to send command to X10 device from the pronto or act upon a command sent from another x10 modules say for example a motion sensor.

I am trying to find the cheapest solution for this.