He wanted to update his IBM Aptiva desktop with some more appropriate hardware. Use old embed code. This picture shows the disk drive with a floppy inserted. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. While all of this work just to get an SD card into a floppy disk may seem impractical, it certainly is a great way to keep some of those USB ports free for other more important devices. Home Computing Clever hack creates the first GB 3. Javascript is required to view comments normally.

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IBM 02K2299 Aptiva Floppy Drive

Moddnstine My YouTube channel has detailed videos on this build: I pushed it with my thumb, and all is perfect now. Originally Posted by Munwele. No worries if you want to get your SD card back either; as can be seen in the video you can simply slide the SD card right back out. Template before making cuts. Things get a little different from the aptiav view.

Home Computing Clever hack creates the first GB 3. Tags for this Thread aptivadrivefloppyibm diisk, remove.

Now the black DVD drive gets some beige treatment. The storage available on floppy drives is minuscule compared to what can fit on a similar sized space today. The result of this insanity is a floppy drive that can read a GB disk. Moddstine from youtube had another idea. I can’t wait to show up to a LAN party with this thing.


He wanted to update his IBM Aptiva desktop with some more appropriate hardware. Javascript is required to view comments normally.

The power supply is mounted floppg to make way for a rear carrying handle and 3. Stripped, with all redundant proprietary brackets removed, and the back cut out.

CDBoot – Ultimate Aptiva Boot Disk

While this is drying, lets work on my favorite part of the project, The Floppy SD card reader! The question then became, what would he do with the outdated floppy disk drive? I made a bunch of tack welds to avoid overheating the metal and warping it. I took my time, and built my system exactly how I wanted it, with no regrets.

The obvious answer would have been to just get rid of them, but an engineer finds a more useful solution. But if you look inside, the floppy drive bay also looks like it has a flopyp so it can slide out.

Man Creates a GB Floppy Disk

Hope you enjoyed viewing this build as much as I aptlva building it. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. This won’t allow for a MATX motherboard to fit, so we’ll have to lose the handle, and move the power supply up.


Man was it worth it. If you have some free time and an old desktop lying around, why not try out this modification for yourself? Hide old embed code. This can be done because — probably by chance — the pins aptivva an SD card perfectly align to the individual wires on a floppy drive cable.

1995 IBM Aptiva build, 66mhz 486DX2, to i7 6700k!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the floppt room, the 3. From the front and sides, you suspect nothing. At first glance, you’d think cool dos-box bro, a cool uglyish early 90’s looking case with exposed floppy drive.

Instead, they relied on floppy disks — ancient relics that held an increasingly pitiful amount of data as time wore on, yet, like bedbugs, proved nearly impossible to kill. Use old embed folppy.