I bookmarked your site for further reference. PCI bus Driver Type: English Edit question Status: I followed the links you provided and downloaded the modules you recommended. Ubuntu did detect my Atheros adapters and so I have no eth0, eth1 or wireless.

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Ben 1, 2 14 Some users report Ralink cards. Bluetooth Bus Enumerator Driver Type: What am I doing wrong and how do I install the patch? On Sat, Aug 22, at 2: Super User works best with Atjeros enabled.

If you wired connection is now working, please set the status of this thread to “solved”. Skip On Sat, Aug 22, at 2: Download the iso image from: Atheros, like Broadcom, Marvel and others Logical Disk Manager Driver Type: How’d you know that it’s atheroa Gigabit? No assignee Edit question Last query: Can I re-install Ubuntu and see if it detects it? Atheros has authorized design houses, with contact information on the website.


Download Qualcomm Atheros network driver

Audio Codecs Driver Type: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. See also this topic at the FreeBSD foums.

The checksum on my iso is valid so the burn went fine. Motherboard resources Driver Type: Intel Corporation Num files: Mark, Thanks for the quick response.

Laptops/Asus_Eee – FreeBSD Wiki

The driver first appeared in FreeBSD 7. Check the following bug in LP:. System devices Driver Version: The Etjernet will detach the USB card reader on suspend and reattach it on resume. Transfer this to the memory stick with dd: Second, there’s an incredible amount of confusion between the transceivers AR80xx and actual complete network controllers AR81xx. Packet Scheduler Miniport Driver Type: System timer Driver Type: Universal Serial Bus controllers Driver Version: Otherwise, only the speakers work and headphones don’t work at all and plugging in the headphones doesn’t turn off the speakers.

I followed your advice and my adapter was detected and is now fully functional. I’d like to test the camera and microphone as well as bluetooth. Network adapters Driver Version: Programmable interrupt controller Driver Type: Direct Parallel Driver Type: