Sound is different, more of a thunk than a tink and is quite satisfactory. I can honestly say I have never hit such distances, with such accuracy, that I have with this club. I do have to say when I hit the driver well it is awesome! A high tee is essential for a good flight. Long straight and forgiving. Nov , I Used Callaway X Share this with your golf buddies:

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At first its higher kick point than the Dallaway Made Tour-S I had made the club seem a bit less alive in my hands, but the feel has returned over time — not a pole at all, but very stable feeling. It has performed excellently so far only let down by my swing. Launching a series of high, long drives with an FT-3 can definitely make a round of golf more fun. Or maybe a draw driver does actually bertah. The above reviews I am seriously excited about getting down the range to have a blast with it.

It was a big part of my win.

Is it in anyway less forgiving? Sound is different, more of a thunk than a tink and is quite satisfactory. I expect my game to better drastically and have more fun playing. Callzway of the model or weighting inside, the construction of the FT-3 driver stands alone from anything else on the market.

The clubhead continues to impress me.

After looking around I believe the Callaway FT-3 will be a great improvement to my game, especially with the different configurations to the common flaws in your swing; mine being the slice. If you can see past the callaway thump then you will find a very good piece of kit that hits it miles. Only problem is I’ve brought into play bunkers that in the past I would only have dreamed of reaching. Your email address You must enter a valid email address.


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The body of the clubhead is so light, it frees up 44 grams of discretionary weight — nearly a quarter of the weight of the entire clubhead — which is distributed inside various parts of the head to benefit golfers’ unique swing types and ball flights. I am now so confident with this club that I don’t hesitate to use it even on tight fairways.

I can honestly say that I have not regretted it.

They can choose from three Center of Gravity CG choices: I doubt that the sound would keep anyone from buying this driver, especially after they launch a few drives with it. Fitted with a top quality Aldila Fusion NVS graphite fusoin to give every golfer more club head speed.

The carry is impressive- the ball just seems to stay in the air longer and carry, carry, carry.

A long, accurate and forgiving driver. Third round today with it and I hit one yards. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.

A high tee is essential for a good flight. Fortunately, Callaway appears to have made big improvements here as well. callawag

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT 3 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

And the club feels like you do not have to swing fast to get a good respose from it. Long straight and forgiving. One thing not commented on much is the way the club looks at address. Basically, you can hit the ball just about anywhere on the face and get a playable drive out of it — and flushed shots are rewarded with that majestic trajectory and plenty of distance. I have used the FT 3 for 12 months now and it is awesome. Fusion Technology is all about the combination of two distinctly different materials in the club head.


Each model of the FT-3 — and there are several — uses dense internal weights around the perimeter of the clubhead to further stabilize the clubhead and customize the desired ball flight.

Callaway FT-3 Draw Driver Reviews

Your review title You must enter a title. Get fitted for this club and send your drives for miles. Fusikn read in Today’s Golfer that the shaft is the most important thing in the club as this is the engine, well what an engine this has.