Hi, I bought my Go-Tcha about 3 months ago. It should show a charging battery sign if you have it connected to the charger and you tap the button. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Submit a new text post. It’s annoy how when it disconnects you have to dig in through your pocket to take out your got-cha Ranger to connect again.

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Nice article, thanks for posting. If yours turns out to have charging issues, return it and get a Ranger. All other features are codejunkiess very unnecessary. You can see my unboxing here – https: Because the battery is built-in, i wonder how many charges you can do before it finally craps out to an unusable level. Thanks, I didn’t even realise there was a pocket egg option. It pulses for each “shake” of the pokeball, which is a sort of animation delay, although it’s still about times faster than catching with the app.


Repeatedly tapping the touch button scrolls through the configuration pages. If the catch fails, will it try again?

The device can be connected via USB. Seriously hope the Ranger addresses these issues. This means you’ll be catching Poke’s longer on the initial charge and won’t have to return your device as defective after that.

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Setup Setup was very straight forward. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I only see Auto or Off options. The goal of this sub is to enhance open APIs and discover more about the inner workings of Pokemon Go. Tapping the touch button proceeds to spin or catch the pokemon. I see a Pokemon!

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I had the same problem. Does the device give any sign when charging? Automatic PTC or Google account generation. But if your app crashes or an hour passes by, the device will disconnect too. Microtransaction hacks of any kind Automated Bots: Alternatively, in some jurisdictions you can legally return something bought online just because you changed your mind.


The Go-tcha itself is a small lozenge shaped device with a pair of charging terminals to the bottom.

During use I did notice that it would occasionally disconnect. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If a user can level up without playing the game, it’s not allowed.

Moreover my codejunkkes won’t connect the Go-Tcha because that’s not possible while being in “charging mode”.

Selling hacks of any kind. Does it come with an app? The manual states I will get a battery charge warning when I reach the end of the charge and a full charge will take 1 hour. The OLED screen is bright and clear. You can find it on amazon here – https: Weekly Threads Sunday Support: My charger doesn’t work either, but you can use a fitbit charger and have the contacts touch to charge it.