Not Ready wait time exceeded. If another path does not exist, a failover takes place. What must I do if I receive this message? In most of the cases, no change is required if the kernel version is the same. Duplicate storage array name found. Received the Illegal Command error from the storage array.

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To use the mppUtil utility, type this command and press enter. The default values listed here are the platform-independent settings. Caution – Possible loss of data access–If you change these settings from their configured values, you might lose access to the storage array.

Follow the on-screen instructions to modify the grub.

QLogic Driver Download

The host number of the HBA driver is given as an argument. Determines which errors to log. With the failover driver, two cases determine if a path has failed:. After you change a configuration value, run the mppUpdate utility and reboot the Linux server for the change to take effect. Without the SaveSettings keyword, the changes only affect the inmemory state of the variable.


If another path does not exist, a failover takes place. The lsdev utility provides a map of your array LUNs to their Linux block devices.

Depending on the error and the amount of time that has elapsed, the request is retried to the current owning controller for the LUN or a failover is performed and the request sent to the alternate controller. Caution – You might lose access to the storage array if you change these settings from their configured values.

An MPP initrd image is created, as shown in the rdax example:. Unit Attention retry count exceeded. Error trying lniux insert a new controller path.

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You must run mppUpdate to reflect these changes in inird image before rebooting the server. Clears the WWN file entries. Just a short explanation: Many of these values are overridden by the failover installer for Linux. After the server is engenil, log in and verify the driver stack is properly loaded using the lsmod command.

After a short tinkering, I got it actually working. To use the lsdev utility, type this command and press enter. Verify the content of the modprobe. How do I remove unmapped or disconnected devices from the existing host? To download the RDAC driver, go to:.



This process continues until the ArrayIoWaitTime limit is reached. Note – For updated driver information, refer to the release notes for your array. Uninstall any existing Liinux drivers using the make uninstall command:.

To show all attached and discovered volumes, type the following command and press Enter. Selection timeout retry count exceeded. Change the module and initrd names as follows:. Debug reporting is comprised of two segments.

Some example commands are: Hi Alexander, I already tested this package, but after your reply I’ve tested it again.