The DuraBrite inks may offer durability, but it’s probably better to opt for a dye-based all-in-one and put up with a certain level of fade. As a colour text printer, scanner or plain old photocopier, the CX functions well enough. Good quality printer This printer was not new and the printheads are clogged. We’ve changed, we promise. I’ve had this since May, 8 years! It is a workhorse in our business.

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Best Printers for My experience is that the life expectancy is far shorter than I would expect for the investment.

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When in use, the paper input tray and the stjlist lid demand extra clearance in the back and on top of the machine. The only major pro on this item is that the ink can be found for about a buck a cartridge on ebay for the generics, so cost wise, it’s definitely worth it if you can afford the headaches.

Nightmare but ink prices can’t be beat Both me and a collegue purchased this printer.

Against Poor photo quality Large footprint No fax. I’ve had this stylust May, 8 years! You can adjust a copy for paper type and print quality; reduce, enlarge, and make borderless copies; copy two originals onto one sheet; and epsob in or out from 25 percent to percent. I’ve also suffered a problem with the paper loading incorrectly since day one. The Good User-friendly design; superb scanning; extensive memory card slots; standalone copying and memory card printing; cheap ink; Windows and Mac compatible.


I Have not used it very often and can’t give a full review of how well it does work.

Other than speed it seems to be a fine low usage, home type of epsson. The CX was designed for scanning and tweaking scans, too.

In addition, I also purchased another printer but it is still in the carton. I have had this printer now for 3 years. Comes with nice photo software.

DuraBrite inks are formulated from pigments rather than dyes. The DuraBrite espon may offer durability, but it’s probably better to opt for a dye-based all-in-one and put up with a certain level of fade. Wha t I like most is, its a stand alone copier, that you can use without the computer being turned on, plus you styylist make both black copies or color, at the touch of a button I used this to print pictures, scan photos, make copies, and do other regular stuff.

After about a year, count on your printer to just stop working due to some device in it, and if you are beyond your warantee, chalk it up to a loss.

This item broke 2 months out of warranty I was told that epson was a good printer by a co-worker. These all in one machines are made to be used everyday. The reliability of this unit is probably one of the worst I’ve seen.


Scans are great they line up perfectly-no adjusting needed and printing even photos on plain white paper is also great. Visit manufacturer site for details. ztylist

Then I lost red. This is perfect for users who need to print out and display colour notices, such as estate agents. I bought a much cheaper all-in-one ztylist the sa me quality Read full review You can also elson borderless prints in sizes ranging from 4×6 inches to letter size.

I took it apart to find the nozzles and print head caked in dried ink. The problem is that I have not enough time to try it out as yet.

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Scanner has a higher resolution and has a fax ability. Because pigments are formed from larger molecules than those that make up dyes, the image printed with pigments are less prone to fade or break up as a result of atmospheric pollution such as ozone.

Its packed with many features and is a great value.