The recipient status for each recipient separated by the semicolon character ;. The value uses the format Although the message tracking log files are generated by the four different services and have four different name prefixes, the amount and frequency of data written to the moderated transport log MSGTRKMA is negligible compared to the other three logs. The event source was the Pickup directory. For more information, see Safety Net in Exchange Server.

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ToCc or Bcc 2. Each message that is transferred to the pickup directory has been successfully submitted to the submission queue via the categorizer.

When it comes to searching the message tracking logs, you have different options. Share On Facebook Tweet It. In your example, the message is placed in the Outbox of the user’s mailbox and marked for delivery.

Message tracking

For more information, see Safety Net in Exchange Server. Storedruver message was received by the SMTP receive component of the transport service or from the Pickup or Replay directories source: You might need to disable subject logging to comply with increased security or privacy requirements. The event source was the meeting message processor, which updates calendars based on meeting updates. Various event types in the event-id field are used to classify the message events in the message tracking log.


Due to this new restriction based on earlier versions of Exchange Server we need two connectors:.

store driver in exchange

The value is Microsoft Exchange Server. Storedrivre mail flow refers to messages that are processed by a Hub Transport server in an Exchange Server organization and delivered to a mailbox on the same Active Directory Site. The UTC date-time when the log file was created. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Exchange Server 2007 Email Routing, Part 1 – Theoretical Basics

Both users have mailboxes on the same server. For more information, see Foreign Connectors.

An example value is ac7b13fb42ab4dcf7ff. The event sequence number.

Message tracking | Microsoft Docs

The message transmission from the Mailbox Transport Submission service to the Transport service failed. The type of message.

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This is an example of the message tracking log entries created when the user chris contoso. This process can look like this:. Very handy if you want mail to flow in a different direction to your AD replication.


For more information, see Delivery reports for administrators. Search the message tracking log Message tracking logs contain vast amounts of data as messages move through a Mailbox server or Edge Transport storedrive r. Log files for messages sent excuange mailboxes by the Mailbox Transport Submission service.

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For instructions on how to disable subject logging, see Configure message tracking. This conversion is the job of the store driver, too. Each Transport server role Hub or Edge Transport has one submission queue that is created by the categorizer when Exchange Transport Service starts. No message content is stored in the message tracking log. Exchanye TechGenix reaches millions of IT Professionals every month, and has set the standard for providing free technical content through its growing family of websites, empowering them with the answers and tools that are needed to set up, configure, maintain and enhance their networks.