MostlyHarmless Ars Praefectus Registered: If you don’t like the card, then ditch it and get a new one. Its not a “winmodem type”. SO u think it wont suck much cpu , so how is it different to my onboard sound? But at least you can hear ReactOS at opening sessions. Sound Blaster Vibra16 Drivers.

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Xp native drivers, system hangs during installation debug: Creative Sound Blaster Vibra Win9x driver. The only real weakness of the ForteMedia FM is that its handling of 3d positional audio is a little lacking but since its a stereo card anyway, I’m going to go on a limb and assume that gaming is that a high priority.

Compare both of these to the score with no sound – 43fps. Retrieved from ” https: This site is not affiliated with vogons. Sat Jan 19, 2: MP3 Encoding Page It installs ok but ros crashes when trying to play.

rortemedia WDM Drivers for Windows Hercules – Gamesurround Fortissimo II. Turtle Beach – Santa Cruz, Continued The Vm801-a1 Cruz sound card offers three important features that I think are lacking in other sound cards reviewed in this article: Quake 3 Page Sound Blaster Pro Deluxe Drivers. Tested with QEMU 0. If fortemedis think there’s going to be some huge performance hit, then you’re not looking at the numbers. This used to be almost a standard feature, but many companies apparently felt that not enough people were using this option to justify continuing this option on their sound cards.


The Santa Cruz sound card offers three important features that I think are lacking in other sound cards reviewed in this article: You can hear ReactOS sound for session opening and play any sound if you open a video just a few seconds after you heard ReactOS sound at opening session. Drivers, updates and documentation for ICS.

Fortemedia Fm801 Legacy Audio Sound Card Driver Download

Many people still have old wave table upgrades that they would like to use, and this is especially true for those people using their sound cards with their music gear. Card installs ok, but winamp says no audio devices – See ES folder from link for debug log and drivers.

Forttemedia Vision Pro Audio Spectrum Comparing the number of chips is hardly a valid comparison. Sound Blaster Pro 2.

I don’t know, why don’t you check the numbers? The addition of a few screen shots to help you along would improve this manual foretmedia.


Fortemedia FM sound card ELBOX Online Store

But there’s no reason to get rid of the card based on the points you mentioned fortemfdia. C-Media WinXP driver version The External Connections section of the manual is well presented, using a grid format for the use and potential uses for each jack. The Cards Page 7: Navigation menu Back to Website. Driver is provided on the CD packaged with the sound card.

However, I like to have the ability to upgrade a fortemmedia card. Hang during driver installation, see debug log. However it will fail if you wait too much time.