The method is adopted by an audio device to detect a voice, wherein the audio device is coupled to a host device. The spatial filtering system integrates with a time-frequency processing system. The second microphone detects a second sound pressure to generate a second analog audio signal. The first and second acoustic sensors are arranged in the first chamber and the second chamber, respectively. Allows development of specialized audio and voice processing features such as dual user “interview” mode or “desktop speakerphone” mode with multiple users.

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The method xound adopted by an audio device to detect a voice, wherein the audio device is coupled to a host device. Product Product Fortemedia is the industry leader in voice processing technology. The control process includes: The first switch couples a discharge node to the ground according to a discharge signal. Technology Technology Fortemedia voice processors incorporate Small Array Microphone SAMwith advanced patented voice processing technologies, helps to improve talking and listening clarities resulting in enhanced user experience for voice-enabled communication devices.

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Analog-to-digital converter, sound processing device, and method for analog-to-digital fortemediw. This enables developers to employ AMAP in a variety of configurations using the same software base. Analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital conversion method. The second switch couples the output node to the discharge node according to the voltage of the internal node.

The first membrane receives a first acoustic signal via the first acoustic opening and the first acoustic extending structure. The second analog-to-digital converter converts the second analog audio signal to a second digital audio signal, encodes a third digital audio signal according to the second digital audio signal, receives the first digital audio signal and a clock signal, outputs data bits of the third digital audio signal when the clock signal oscillates to a logic low level, and outputs data bits of the first digital audio signal when the clock signal oscillates to a logic high level.


Audio apparatus and audio controller thereof. Fortemedia Advanced Microphone Array Processing AMAP Fortemedia’s Advanced Microphone Array Processing AMAP is a hybrid voice processing system that combines spatial filtering, source separation and adaptive statistical signal processing to deliver advanced voice and audio capabilities to consumer electronic devices.

In the final stage of the AMAP process, the spectrum of the main microphone input after spatial enhancement will be modified by gain factors across frequency to enhance the speech elements and suppress noise components. The second membrane receives a second acoustic signal via the second acoustic opening and the second acoustic extending structure. The pre-amplifier amplifies the first audio signal to obtain a second audio signal. In one embodiment, the analog-to-digital converter receives a first audio signal from a microphone sensor, and receives a first channel selection signal and a clock signal, and comprises a toggle detection module, a first data processing module, a second data processing module, and a multiplexer.

Patents Assigned to ForteMedia, Inc.


A smart microphone device is provided. When the controller operates in the training stage, the spatial filter receives the sound data from the input buffer to generate the processed data which is continuously processed by the spatial filter and then stored in the delay buffer over and over again until the internal adaptive control is converged.

Acoustic capture devices and methods thereof. The audio interface comprises an audio jack connector, having first to third contacts electronically connected with the three-wire microphone plugged thereinto; and an audio processing device, detecting a type of the three-wire microphone plugged into the audio jack connector, outputting a clock signal to the three-wire microphone and receiving a digital audio signal from the three-wire microphone when the type is fogtemedia or receiving analog audio signals from the three-wire microphone when the type is analog.

The analog-to-digital converter converts the analog signal to generate a digital signal.


No special accommodation is required for AMAP to be used in these networks. The case includes a first acoustic opening, a second acoustic opening, or an opening to hold the acoustic boot.

In one embodiment, the sound processing device comprises a first microphone, a first analog-to-digital converter, a second microphone, and a second analog-to-digital converter. Audio device for recognizing key phrases and method thereof.

Fortemedia’s Voice Processing Technology Now Deployed in New Metro PCS Coolpad Quattro 4G Phone

The toggle detection module detects whether the first channel selection signal is toggling between a logic low level and a logic fortemediaa level to generate a control signal. The underlying theory is that the advanced spatial filtering in the microphone array that identifies the locations of different sound sources and applies attenuation on the path of noise or interference.

The first analog-to-digital converter converts the first analog audio signal from analog to digital to obtain a first digital audio signal. Audio fortemeedia device and method.

The time and frequency system incorporates voice pitch and sound location direction-of-arrival information, to separate target speech from background echo and interference.

The invention provides an audio interface device and method utilizing a single audio jack connector for plugging into a three-wire analog microphone or a three-wire digital microphone, forremedia reducing dimensions and production costs thereof and an electronic system using the same. Microphone array housing with acoustic extending structure and electronic device utilizing the same.

When combined with source signal fortemedla algorithms and advanced statistical filtering techniques this spatial signal processing is the first step in a complex integrated process that is employed by AMAP to perform ambient noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation and other voice processing functions.