But for what you are asking, I would recommend the OCD. We personally found the simplicity of the Fulltone OCD a little more appealing, but the Full-Drive2 has become one of those legendary pedals for good reason. Best of the Best. Originally posted by jconway Does the pedal clean up well with the guitar’s volume turned down? Aug 3, 6. Like the Tube Screamer, the Boss BD-2 is not meant for all-out crazy distortion, but rather goes from clean boost, to subtle crunch, to hardcore growl. I would agree with nhsdpl.

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The other small toggle switch lets you choose between Standard mode, and Mofset, which generally sounds richer, with more bass and growl.

Fulltone OCD vs Boss Blues Driver

The format of the pedal is a stompbox, with a footswitch reminiscent of Boss pedals, although in our testing the Tube Screamer felt heftier than your average Boss pedal.

Glues you can see, lots fulltoje tonal versatility here. Even with the Gain knob all the way down, you get a nice clean boost that responds well to your playing dynamics. Price is a non-issue between these three, so don’t focus on that. The first of the two small toggle switches is what gives this overdrive pedal so much versatility, letting you switch between three different modes: Amazon Fulltone Full-Drive2 Mofset Few overdrive pedals can match the number of tone options the Full-Drive2 provides and still sound this good.


I miss my mind the most. You can get a pretty cheap used blues driver for like 50 60 bucks whereas an ocd will fulltpne a bit more.

OCD, Plimsoul or just get a BOSS OD-3?

Fulltone would piss all over boss anyday. But the OCD does this job even better! It stays more or less stays faithful to the OCD, but there are some significant differences. The thing about this pedal is that with so many controls and settings, it can bpss a lot!

So, should you get it?

JfernanDec 29, Search in titles only Search in Effects and Processors only Search. In the world of guitar pedals, Joyo has garnered quite the reputation.

5 Best Overdrive Pedals for Guitar [Dec ] | Equipboard®

It sounds great, is SUPER responsive, has solid lows and open highs, and I noticed a subtle mid scoop when using it in my rig. Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer.

At those prices Fulltone think the Boss pedals have the edge. We say this every time we review a Boss stompbox, but the build quality is great. We love it, and think it deserves a place on your pedalboard. Just as you would with the other overdrive pedals on this list, use the Tone knob to affect how dark or bright your tone is. For most guitarists, buying a Tube Screamer is more of a matter of whennot if.


I am now playing a modded BD-2 through fulltonne tweed deluxe and I love it. RockerXDXDec 22, This comparison sounds pretty accurate to our ears as well. Level, Gain, and Tone. No, create an account now.

The BD-2 is also really cool because its cheap, and with a few mods which are fun to do and a learning experience it goes into a really diff territory and can become bblues really warm higher gain pedal. Check Noss on Amazon. For instance, a common use for overdrive pedals among guitarists who play heavier genres is to stick an overdrive pedal in front of a distortion pedal in the signal chain to increase the gain that they receive from the distortion pedal.

Yes, my password is: Speaking of dials, you get three of them: When looking for an overdrive pedal, the first thing you should try to consider is how it will work for your rig.