Find all posts by Lyzak. Originally Posted by clonex How do I get the overlay to appear more like this? Ignore Posts by DefiningTheDecade. I think you seem to be wrong: December 24th, 6: I’m a tad bit lost.

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Play Deoxys’ theme and watch the squares, they change pitch. As I said — music hacking is very, very difficult.

No account? No worries.

GreasyGarlic Unfunny Rom Hacker. October 23rd, 3: You’ll notice that each track has five colored numbers beneath it. May 4th, 3: Find all posts by Wasperine.

January 4th, 1: Scroll to the offset that you have chosen. Plus the pictures aren’t showing up for me.

Find threads started by xYggdrasill. You will gva to find bytes of free space in your ROM — room for a voice table that contains voices, with 12 bytes per voice.



Tracks 9 and 10 both use “SynthStrings 1”. The filename’s length is somehow relevant to this case.

Now, we will deal with the voicegroup. Creating a new voicegroup A “voicegroup” is a table that lists “voices”, or instruments in a GBA song. Well I used some really high quality samples with high samplingrates. I test it in VBA but it doesn’t work! Hba Posts by Lyzak.

[Tutorial] Magnius Guide to Pokemon Music Hacking РThe PokéCommunity Forums

Go back to your song’s header, and change the voicegroup pointer to the new pointer you’ve chosen. January 19th, 2: The most number of direct tracks I’ve been able to play at once is 3.

August 8th, 5: Find threads started by DefiningTheDecade. January 17th, 8: Telling Sappy where to find the new song table There is one last thing we have to do before we can actually add music: I lost the track here.

[Tutorial] Adding Songs to FireRed: A Dreadful Tutorial РThe PokéCommunity Forums

July 1st, 3: Send a private message to ps4star. The time now is 3: The offset you will place the data at.


How do I know what instruments I need to load up in Wavosaur? Paste the MIDI into the “mid” folder. Find the offset of the old song table, and change it to the new offset. Additional information on song data structures, along with information on converting and copying song data, came from the Fire Emblem Ultimate Tutorial [offsite xappy section: May 22nd, The voicegroup offset, where the pointers to instruments are located.