The website is without a doubt the best golf instruction resource anywhere on the internet. Now, see what happens to the club when you do that. Forget anything else; don’t make it more complicated. I have watched your videos and I love the various advice your are giving. The results were night and day. Boost Stability and Power with the Anchor. Rotate your upper arm a few degrees clockwise to lock your elbow in front of you.

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Overswinging, Causes and Cures – Golf Instruction Article –

All individuals will not be physically capable of all these. Access My Free Videos! Take the Mystery out of Chipping Club Selection. Drills to Fix Your Axis Tilt.

How to Fix Your Golf Overswing with a Secret Trick

Assuming you do have normal flexibility and range of motion, that’s going to allow the little bit of needed rotation to occur. Swing Like a Pro Hit it further with less effort!

So, this move is overseing very, very small move. But now, the part with your arm flying away from your body so that your right hand starts to turn toward the ground, that’s not a good position to be in. Proper Weight Shift in the Golf Downswing.


I do this for every club oerswing my bag. It’s not a locked down, tense feeling. That is going to inherently steepen your plane.

So, during Move 2 is when that little bit of rotation—and I’ve talked to people who need a visual for it, like flipping a coin over your shoulder, that’s kind of the feeling. A Secret to Consistency.

The Danger of the Golf Overswing Video

Their will always be people on tour who will buck the trend, and you can see that the majority of players have different looking back swings but they obviously work well for them as far as priming them for the down swing is concerned.

Thanks for the comment. Tried this today focusing on imitating the image shown of a shorter backswing. From address, you’re going to do your right elbow flexion, a little bit of shoulder elevation, and if you turn to the top, you’ll notice that your arm’s pretty vertical. Role of the Right Arm in the Takeaway. You can make huge improvements in your golf swing today! Left Knee Laser Beam Drill.

If you got to video vaults and click on Swing Faults you will see pverswing inn there. To develop good habits you’ll need to work with a professional in person. Now, the oglf is, figuring out what are you actually doing in your swing that’s causing your elbow to fly away, and what do you actually want to do to prevent that from happening. The Proper Golf Swing Plane: Power in the Golf Swing.


The most common result we see from here is that the player starts the down swing with an Over the Top Swing Fault because of the high arms and also to allow for the open club face. Golf Swing Move Away Drill views. It’s like taking a coin and just flipping it over your shoulder.

The simple fix starts with remembering what we talked about in Move 2 – Completing the Golf Backswing. Golf Impact Position Face On: How to Fade the Golf Ball. You’ll need to work with your individual instructor or watch this video about getting on plane at the top of the swing to work around that. So, the simple thing that we need to understand is that first of all, a typical overswing gets overrswing the line.