With the Extended Burn-in Mode setting Enabled, you are allowed a higher degree of leeway with the overclocking parameters on the board. When you press F6, it may appear as if nothing happened as a dialog box will not appear and you will not immediately see a prompt. The Enhanced setting allows for the full 6 device maximum. The Boot tab contains all options for configuring system boot up related activities. Fast read Fast write.

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For command rate, the options available are Auto, Enabled, and Disabled. With this option enabled, you can power up to 1. Combined capacity of 2 hard drives. Instead, later during Windows Setup, however, you will be prompted to insert the RAID driver floppy disk that came with d925xexv2 desktop board.

If drives are not the same capacity, then the size will equal that of the smaller drive. It allows up to 3. Combined capacity of all hard drives minus 1. However, these speeds are relevant only to hard drives.

Pentium 4 3.46 Extreme Edition and 925XE: 1066MHz FSB Support is Here

Should something happen to the RAID volume, the operating system should not be impacted. Better read Slightly degraded write.


For the above settings with the exception of the CPC Override option, numerically lower values force more aggressive memory operation. While the Serial ATA controller may be operating at a higher transfer speed, it may claim to be operating in a slower parallel ATA transfer mode. Try a BIOS recovery. You likely will not see any sort of dialog box raif at the time you press F6.

It uses slimmer cables, which improve circulation within the PC and keep the insides cooler.

Support for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DXECV2

The following memory timing options are user configurable: F6 Driver Disk Note: Make sure you have the latest BIOS version for your desktop board.

Fast read Non-optimized write.

RAID 5 without write-back cache. With the Extended Burn-in Mode setting Enabled, you are allowed a higher degree of leeway with the overclocking parameters on the board. Fast read Slightly degraded write. The Hardware Monitoring submenu contains real d925xecg2 statistics for all BIOS monitored voltages, system temperatures, and fan speeds.

[H]ardOCP: Intel DXECV2

Save and exit the Bios Setup. Note the d925xecg2 of an Auxiliary Power option. The Chipset Configuration submenu contains options for controlling chipset related functions, including memory timings and voltages, as well as various system bus speeds to a limited extent. This setting controls the auxiliary power port male Molex connector near the Southbridge on the motherboard.


The biggest shortfall here is the lack of configurable voltage options, without which many of the provided FSB overclocking options become useless. Optical drives generally top out at about 22 MBps for reads and The DDR2 Voltage option controls the power supplied to your memory modules, with an allowed maximum of 2.

Supported Processors for the IntelĀ® Desktop Board D925XECV2

Read on to find out how this new kid on the block does against its more established brethren. Fast read Fast write. Select the Advanced menu, then the Drive Configuration menu. Switching modes may cause an “NTLDR” error, an immediate blue screen error followed by a reboot, or other boot failure.

Fastest read Fastest write.