Attention in case the computer had a previous version of netMod drivers, then you must run the file “selLangMsetup” and choose the option “Uninstall”. What should I do now? Be sure that the cable between netMod and your PC is in good condition and right connected. The systems asks for a driver. Start of page Question Can I connect my netMod to my computer wirelessly? Before the driver installation please make sure that the netMod is not connected to your computer.

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Download and install Intracom S.A. Intracom netMod USB Driver Ver CAPI – driver id

Check your installation and verify that the device is working properly. Why can’t I have a satisfactory transfer data rate? I have a Macintosh with an operating system older than 9.

ATD, Hang up string: Complete the installation according to the instructions that appear on screen. Is the netMod driver compatible with Windows XP? Unzip this file in a temp directory and run the selLangMsetup. After that, netMod stopped responding. B-channel is not working. Then remove the following files: First upgrade netMod’s Firmware with the latest one, see Firmware upgrade.


In case your computer is located far away from the netMod, you can extend the U line cable.


Answer No, this is a normal behaviour. You can select between 64kbps or kbps rates.

Why do the programs that I used with my modem before fax, voice mail etc. Question I’m trying to connect to the internet but I receive one of the following error connection codes: Answer Check if there is any conflict between netMod with any other devices of your system.

Then run the installation driver setup program and plug the USB cable. This page provides full neetmod-usb on the netMod USB software driver update procedure, as well as the latest available drivers for download.

You can install this type of modem by netmoe-usb the “Add hardware” wizard, skipping search and selecting “from a specified location”.

Right click on the nMtsk icon at the taskbar and choose ‘”Close”. I try to use my netMod to connect to the Internet but I get the message “Port is already open”. Start of page Question I don’t know which driver to select or how to install my netMod if I don’t have any drivers.

Check the properties of your connection from its icon and click “configure”.

Right-click and select Uninstall to uninstall it. Do not use any encrypted authentication methods at both sides, use clear text Password Authentication Protocol.


Intracom S.A. Intracom netMod USB Driver Ver 4.21.17 (CAPI) Free Driver Download

Afterwards, restart your computer and open the Device Manager. I connect a device capable of serving CLIP on the analogue port, but the calling party’s number does not appear.

After the software upgrade my R. Check that your line and the power led is working properly. If there is a device called USB Composite Device, click on intrafom and then click on the button Remove to delete this component. Contact your ISP to verify them. Macintosh Operation Systems older than Version 9. Click on the Remove button to delete the old driver settings.

What is inyracom problem? Use the diagnostics procedure as described in the modem’s users manual to see if you receive a response from the modem, when sending AT commands.