Pages 1 and 2 of the System Setup Program file: Confirm the computer’s system configuration information, and enable all its components and devices, such as ports. If you are enable to resolve the problem by looking up the meaning of the flash code, use the Dell Diagnostics to identify a more serious cause. Display Close Display Close lets you determine whether your computer enters suspend mode when the display is closed, or whether only the display is turned off. Dell Latitude CP Table lists the flash codes and possible corrective actions. Power Management Power Management Page 4 of the System Setup screens allows you to enable or disable power conservation features when the computer is being powered by a battery or AC power.

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Then Run the Hard-Disk Drive test group. If an error message appears on the display or external monitor, make a note m233xf the message. Memory address line failure at address, read value expecting value An installed memory module may be faulty or latituse seated.

The Program Diskette Maker, which allows you to create program diskette sets of m323xt that Dell installed on your computer’s hard-disk drive. They offer you greater control over how the test groups or subtests are run and how their results are reported. As you move from one menu option to another, a brief explanation of the currently highlighted option appears on the bottom line of the screen.

Reinstall the diskette drive, hard-disk drive, or PC Cards that you removed in step 3. When Diskette Reconfig is set to Any Time the defaultyou do not have to reboot after installing a diskette drive in the modular bay or attaching a diskette drive to the parallel connector on the back of the computer.


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An exception is the default limit for testing super video graphics array SVGA modes. Confirm the computer’s system configuration information, and enable all its components and devices, such as ports. Does the operating system load now? To make the computer as light as possible when you travel, use the special travel module in the modular bay.

Make sure the external monitor’s video cable is firmly connected to the computer’s monitor connector, and verify that the monitor’s power cable if it has one latiutde firmly plugged into an AC power source. If you do not hear a sharp click, remove the memory module and reinstall it. ExpressCharge technology charges a single battery in 1 hour when the computer is off or in suspend mode. When prompted, save the file to your hard-disk drive.

Battery Battery is one of the categories of Power Management. Insert a bootable 1. See Running the Dell Diagnostics. Run the Dell Diagnostics. After running particular diagnostic tests and viewing the error messages generated by the tests in the result file, you can delete the contents of the file so that it is clear for the next latiyude of messages generated.

Dell Latitude CP M233XT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX 233 MHz Manuals

To change the date, press the right-arrow key to increase the number in the highlighted field, or press the m233xh key to decrease the number. See Troubleshooting the Built-In Display. Many of the following procedures refer to the power, drive access, and battery indicators see Figure If you select One, only the highlighted subtest is run.


This limitation is based on the number of available 8-bit DMA channels. Troubleshooting Serial and Parallel Ports This section provides a procedure for troubleshooting the ports on your computer’s serial and parallel ports shown in Figure and any attached peripheral devices.

Dell Latitude CP MXT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX MHz Service manual |

Be sure the following items are properly connected or installed: Then consult Table to configure the device for one of the available Latitudde lines. Use the AC adapter to connect your computer to AC power. See No power to a Part of the Computer. The battery is running out of charge.

Why Run the Mouse Test?

If you m233xh Selected, only the selected subtests are run. A quick check of all cable connections can easily solve these problems. Accessing Online Documentation The online System User’s Guide installed on your hard-disk drive contains information about the following topics: