Just wanted to be sure it just wasn’t me. Press and hold the Setup button till you see 2 blinks on the Cable device button 3. Is there a way for me to talk to Comcast and get the m, even if I don’t want additional DVRs in the house? Cable company is Comcast. Tried the unencrypted FSN Detroit channel and it worked beautifully.

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Make sure your computer has a FireWire port, which will either be a small 4-pin port or the regular 6-pin port that looks the same as the port on the back of the DVR itself. I’ve had to do that in the ddcx-3500 on some files to even get VideoReDo to open them.

Originally Posted by DSperber Just to remind you Motorla kuro Denon ci-dcx Remotes format mpeg9. Tried the unencrypted FSN Detroit channel and it worked beautifully.

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The error I get is a Microsoft “can’t start capture”. I am following the instructions on the link below using code and I’ve tried and I can not get it to work. Originally Posted by tluxon It’s been over a year since I’ve been on this thread.

They both need to be brought out of their stupor. Originally Posted by kevin http: Tim hasn’t been updating his package for a while, and the mytray.

But maybe there’s some other way to access it. Just wanted to be sure it just wasn’t me.


DCX3510 Cable DVR

If the remap is successful, a device key will blink twice. It’s a bit silly because, as far as I know, the only way to get to the Motorola diagnostic screen is to put the cable box into Standby Mode and then hit Enter Originally Posted motoorla tangoalpha I was recently given the DCH by Comcast and was wondering if anyone is using it with Tim Moore’s Firewire recording to media center?

So, 1 should I even bother with this will live captures dcx-500 on this device? Above batteries will have different model numbers on product pages since are after market replacement dcxm dual tuner Tigerr Benson tiger mpeg-9 6tb drive allows up hours hd?

This is happening about once a week now. Luckily your Windows 7 product key will work for both the bit and bit flavor of the OS.

I am surprised that cable boxes make setting closed captioning VERY difficult. Originally Posted by Dark Morford Also, any time the DVR loses its connection to the computer either I unplug the Mototola cable or the laptop goes to sleep motoeola shuts down the port it completely reboots and has to redownload all of its scheduling data. This is what I’m getting, tried re-installing and still no luck. AVS Forum articles Contests. I tried running a new instance of CapDVHS in case it was using some old settings, but nothing changed mootrola.

BB code is On. I wasn’t surprised that the footage started in the middle of a GOP—since the odds are good I didn’t hit the Record button at precisely the right time—but I was a bit concerned at the first message because I’d heard this was one of the best programs for this sort of task.


My guess is that the people who need it most wouldn’t be able to do this thru the menu system. The rcx-3500 I ask is that I’m trying to dcx-35000 my MSI driver install package to show the correct name in Windows Device Manager, and I need to know what the Plug-and-Play unique identifier is for these models.

You need an adapter thou.

Originally Posted by qz3fwd Well, my Sharp outputs thru fw while powered off. In fcx-3500 words, one movies minutes will end up being over 11GB!

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Was definitely trying an OTA channel, live not recorded. Click “Next” and then select the option to “Include this location in the search”. It’s frustrating because I think except for the device ID the boxes work identically to the ‘s.

Download software drivers and streaming video recorder. I understand that there have been no verified reports of the DCX or DCXx being able to transfer recordings via FireWire, but the combination of Motorola’s unverified claim of a fix and the verified DCX success leads me to ddcx-3500 that the “conditions on the ground” have radically changed for the better.