Hi on linux 4. I can’t build the driver source: St Glinglin 2 years ago. Setzer II 3 years ago. However, the very first step requires an internet connection to fetch some archives…. Thank you so much. Ich habe ein problem ich den ersten schritt eingegeben.

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Still not working, however. Perfectly works on CentOS 6. Other problems that this instruction solves: Jerzy 2 years ago.

rtlx – Debian Wiki

Verify that the network manager ‘sees’ the wireless networks around may also verify that the correct module is loaded by running lsmod grep Device or resource busy. Sebastian 2 years ago. I am running Debain 9 testingwith kernel 4.

Then, run sudo rrl8192cu install. Hello I have a problem, I entered the first step. After Update on Ubuntu Try make clean before your first command, that solves the problem some time. HI, NEW version of kernel-image 4.


On Fedora 25, all the steps apparently succeeded, and in the end the module was talking to the hardware with some success it could see networks and was blinkingbut could not actually connect to a network.

Gonzalo 1 year ago. I think its because something bad with the repositories. To enable this driver, use the command: Paul Sand 3 years ago.

In a terminal window, run sudo bash. I have to reboot.

Asus Integrated Webcam Bus Device Hello, I am able to get the cu driver to connect. I have to be almost out of range which happens at my home.

It said I need version 2. Andrew 1 2 I use some tutorials, but I freezed with command sudo rtl192cu Hallo Ich habe ein problem ich den ersten schritt eingegeben.

Even this driver crashes a lot. You should not chmod anything, and I would not recommend playing with permission. On Bionic Beaver, On Centos 7 3. Lonux really appreciate it! Michael, eu is a different driver, which you can obtain from this repository: Try connecting to your network.


It works on LinuxMint Do you have any ideas or can you help me with fast editing rights?