Check your local settings and be sure they are set to “Off”. I have it on channel 1. Is a USB better than a 3. Entire Forum This topic This board Members. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. This allows the instrument to repond to external midi control. It does mention different channels.

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My keyboard is remaining silent. This can explain why “The lights all blinked a lot more intensely” Or perhaps the keyboard has “OMNI ON” enabled so it plays all the channels data in one.

Connecting to a PC / Mac Computer or iOS Device from a Yamaha Instrument with 5-Pin MIDI I/O

MPS 2 – Everything you need for music production. It does mention different channels. Can a USB mic be connected in Android?

Can I connect USB 3. It has Yqmaha in and out ports. Lawrie Pardy Member Posts: You didn’t mention what adapter you were using. Yamaha uses for some reason channel 9.

Do I need a headphone amp to use studio cans if listening via a USB audio interface?

Using laptop to play my Yamaha YPT-220

It sounds as if your keyboard must be kind of old. This is actually what gave me yamhaa idea to use my laptop to accompany me this way.


The instruction manual for the keyboard is not very detailed at all. What I want to do is have my laptop accompany me while I play with a pre-recorded MIDI file in my imagination, it sounds really good! Use the keyboard as a controller for a software synthesiser: But if you are a beginner i suggest getting a midi keyboard which uses usb and easy to connect.

Yamaha YPT keyboard & Noteworthy Composer

Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. How do I connect uamaha via USB cable? If I don’t tell it a channel, it just plays the same default sounds that Noteworthy plays on my laptop.

Are there better programs for playing back MIDI files on my keyboard? I have no quick answer for the noise problem you are having. Maybe your problem is some kind of “midi through” miri that causes a kind of digital “Larsen” effect.

Learn More at fiverr. I’m just wondering if I am missing anything in the setup of Noteworthy or the keyboard.

My comment is mainly to suggest that if you continue to have mysterious problems, you might try an adapter by a different manufacturer. Learn More at izotope.

Can a Yamaha YPT – be connected with a USB audio interface? – Quora

If you have any of the yamaah mentioned storage devices built into the machine you can transfer your midi from your computer to your keyboard without the use of cables, the keyboard will play it and yypt-220 will be able to play along and it will likely sound much better than your laptop although it would be nice to have the option to do it both ways so good luck with getting the cable thing to work.


Is it actually possible to play what I play on the guitar and play the same piece on the keyboard? Ypt-20 have a question?

It wasn’t reverb I don’t think, because it was continuous, and the noise it made I would not want to accompany! The user manual gives very little information about the keyboards MIDI capabilities.

Under staff properties, there is a new playback device called USB Midi. I am saving what I create as a MIDI file, however, my laptop is not playing them back on my keyboard. Most recording software will have an option to either record the sounds from your keyboard without much problems. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here.

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